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There are presently no open calls for submissions.

Our General Submission Guidelines

Thank you for considering Unbound Edition Press as a potential publishing home for your work. We are honored to read what you have written and decided to share with us.

We are writers too and understand the submission process can take time and be frustrating. You will get a response from us, if even just an update, within 90 days. We happily accept simultaneous submissions, but do ask that you kindly inform us right away if your work has been acquired by another publisher.

The press is small and focused. We can publish only a few titles each year, so they must be remarkable. Each title is a personal choice, commitment and investment for us, and our mission guides the decisions we make. We are here to respect and elevate emerging, overlooked and LGBTQ+ authors, and to make meaningful contributions to the literary arts by publishing their work. We aim to identify, develop and defend writers of thoughtfully challenging work which might not find a home with mainstream publishers.

Writers who examine and illuminate the difficult truths of the contemporary human condition stand out for us. Original voices, conveyed through an impressive command of craft, language and form, capture our attention always.

Light verse or inspirational musings will not find a home with us. Any work that advances hate speech or discrimination of any kind, in any form, will be dismissed as garbage.

When submitting, please include a brief cover letter with a concise description of your work, and note any prior publications, awards or recognition. It's just fine if you are an aspiring author and appreciation has yet to come your way. Your name and contact information should be part of your cover letter, but not included on the work itself.

Submittable is the only way we receive submissions. We cannot accept any submission by email or post. These will be unopened and unread. Please follow all formatting guidance in the Submittable form. All submissions are free, unless otherwise noted in a specific open call.

Thank you for sharing your work with us. We look forward to reading it.

Unbound Edition Press